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Welcome to the Kultur | lx submission platform !

Supporting the Luxembourgish cultural and creative sector is central to the mission of Kultur | lx. In a continuous dialogue with the sector, Kultur | lx has put in place the tools required to best support creators and organisations at home and abroad. There are three core goals central to our mission : Career Development, Touring, and Promotion.

We invite you to read the elements below before starting the presentation of your project:

  • The allocation of support must fit within the general objectives and specific criteria. It is important to familiarise yourself with our GUIDELINES before submitting an application for funding or before responding to a call ;
  • In addition to the general objectives, more specific criteria may be set out in each application related to the grant or support. These criteria should be given careful consideration ;
  • This site aims to optimize the selection process by guiding you in the description of your project through a series of pre-formatted forms;
  • Each form includes help to allow you to best describe your project;
  • You can save your project and decide to rework it at your convenience before submitting it;
  • Reread your project carefully before submitting it, because once submitted, the selection procedure is launched;
  • Each project will be processed as soon as possible.


After the first 18 months of processing applications for support and talking to applicants submitting projects, we have made several changes to both the names used for the various kinds of support and the kinds of costs covered. All of the categories of support will still be available - they will only change (a little)!
For example:

  • Support for Participation in Fairs will become Support for exhibitors attending trade fairs and trade shows;
  • Tour support will become Support for touring and dissemination of work;
  • Support for mobility, research and career development will become Support for prospecting, research and career development;
  • Publishing support and Translation support will become Grants with three submission dates in the year.

One of the biggest changes is the move from different deadlines for each category of support to the introduction of a regular monthly deadline for submitting applications. Note: there are still fixed periods for the handling of files.
The deadlines for submitting project proposals in 2023 are as follows:
19 March 2023 / 23 April 2023 / 21 May 2023 / 25 June 2023 / 23 July 2023 / 27 August 2023 / 1 October 2023 / 29 October 2023 /3 December 2023

The Internal Selection Committees shall take a decision on each application within 3 weeks of the deadline for submissions (see dates above). The proposed projects must not start before the end of the period to reply. For example:
Submission on 19 March. Reply by 9 April at the latest. The project must not start before 10 April.
Submission on 23 April. Reply by 14 May at the latest. The project must not start before 15 May.

Note: a file submitted between 20 March (i.e. after the 19 March deadline) and 23 April will be considered with files submitted by 23 April. The project, therefore, must not start before 15 May, as explained in the example given above.

We would be delighted to help with any queries! ​​​​​​​

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